So I’m a bit of a fan of the Dark Souls games and I am extremely excited for the arrival of the Remastered edition of the first game on current gen machines in May. So much so that I’ve decided to do a Let’s Play series for the third game on Next Gen Gaming Blog! Having never done a Let’s Play before, this has been a bit of an experience for me in finding the right length for the videos as well as fixing on a tone, planning ahead to make sure I cover as much content as possible. It’s probably helped that I’ve not gone in blind, having originally reviewed the game for NGB back in 2016, and have been able to provide a narrative as I play. The videos are being published to the NGB YouTube channel but I’ve created my own playlist to keep track of them. I’ve embedded it below. Make sure to follow NGB on YouTube to find out when episodes go live – so far I’ve been keeping to a schedule of Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Enjoy! And don’t forget to comment if you want 😉