#UKGC11 – Video production on the cheap

It’s late and I’m tired so I won’t beat around the bush on this one. Liz Azyan has posted a video of the talk I gave on Lincoln’s approach to video production on Saturday, as well as a slideshare of the presentation I used. Check them out here! On the subject of #UKGC11, I’ve also put a whole bunch of pics from the day on my Flickr stream. Feel free to check them out here. And that’s that! I’m done, night night… Continue reading #UKGC11 – Video production on the cheap

Yarborough Sports Hub Grand Opening Video

Produced, filmed and edited by the author to promote the opening of the new Yarborough Sports Hub in Lincoln Audio quality is better in this video than the previous, as the author extracted the audio tracks as MP3 in post production, rather than record the audio on a separate device. This enabled the audio to be layered over alternative shots. Edited with Windows Live Movie Maker which has resulted in some frame jerks between edits Continue reading Yarborough Sports Hub Grand Opening Video