Extract KML data from Google My Maps

So this is something that’s been bugging me for a while now. At the City of Lincoln Council I promote not only the use of web based tools such as those that Google supply, but also the use of open data. To that, I created the site data.lincoln.gov.uk, a WordPress powered site which pushes out Lincoln data sets in a nice, easey, machine readable way. CSV, RDF – those boxes got ticked early on. But KML was eluding me. We create most of our maps by hand in Google maps. Now, I know that this produces KML – it can … Continue reading Extract KML data from Google My Maps

Linking Lincoln

This post brought to you from Posterous! Cross posting works then, I see… Right, let me elaborate slightly from the posting on my portfolio. Linking Lincoln is a project I’ve been working on for some time now which I am so glad I can finally put out and show to you all! I designed and developed the layout in WordPress, taking influence from a logo created by Optima Design to promote devbelopment in the City. The site takes its primary colour scheme from this logo and was intended to feel more like an information website than a blog, hence the … Continue reading Linking Lincoln

Stories With Words

Just a quickie to say that I’ve started up a blog to record my ventures in creative writing. It’s something I had a passion for in school and have, over the last couple of years, started really getting back into. The site is called Stories With Words, you can find it here and, if you’re interested, read the first published story entitled The Lovers Embrace here. Feedback is more than welcome! Continue reading Stories With Words

Heritage Connect

Hi all! Long time since I last updated but, hey ho! Time to focus on a project I completed a while ago but only launched last week. Heritage Connect is a web tool which allows users to explore the various character areas of Lincoln, discovering information on monuments, history, structure and sports a number of whizzy interactive features such as commenting, user generated image galleries, videos and audio files. It’s incredibly comprehensive and all of the data was put together by the City Council Heritage team with A Recipe for Success developing the framework. The project was supported by English … Continue reading Heritage Connect