Linking Lincoln

This post brought to you from Posterous! Cross posting works then, I see…

Right, let me elaborate slightly from the posting on my portfolio. Linking Lincoln is a project I’ve been working on for some time now which I am so glad I can finally put out and show to you all!

I designed and developed the layout in WordPress, taking influence from a logo created by Optima Design to promote devbelopment in the City. The site takes its primary colour scheme from this logo and was intended to feel more like an information website than a blog, hence the news area being less prominent. The design usses some subtle CSS3 features to add depth, predominently text shadows and gradients.

The site is intended to mesh with printed media used to advertise Linking Lincoln projects with QR codes visible on posters; mobile users can scan these to visit pages on Linking Lincoln relevant to the project.

All in all I’m very pleased with this design; it’s simple and functional and has given me, again, more chance to experiment with the WordPress framework and CSS3 techniques!

Click here to visit the Linking Lincoln website.


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