Icon Fonts – I Wants Them…

Having worn both developer and designer hats, there’s one key difference between the two roles that becomesĀ apparentĀ – developers are lazy creatures! We rely on pre-existing code libraries, api’s, reusable resources; I know designers do this too, but developers moreso. I’ve started coding websites with reserved widget areas in place of things that I used to hardcode into themes, just so that they can be as flexible as possible. One of the constant nags I have with sites is the use of icons; I’m a stickler for using as few graphics as possible in the core site theme and icons on … Continue reading Icon Fonts – I Wants Them…

City of Lincoln Council ePetitions Site

Developed using customisation of WordPress Makes use of WordPress categories to allow for easy browsing of petitions Theme utilises comments as signatures for petitions Uses the plugins TDO MiniForms, Comment Timeout, Comment Email Verification and a custom plugin to disable the RSS feed for comments Clear "badge" system to show live and closed petitions The live system can be accessed here: http://epetitions.lincoln.gov.uk; the screenshot above is from the test system as, at the time of writing, the live system does not have any petitions Continue reading City of Lincoln Council ePetitions Site

City of Lincoln Council website redesign

In development from February 2010, following customer focus group Layout developed through consultation and designed by the author HTML and CSS developed by the author Author worked to manage overall project at City of Lincoln Council to fit in with ongoing Customer Access Strategy Author worked with developers at A Recipe for Success to implement HTML and CSS into live website Continue reading City of Lincoln Council website redesign

Linking Lincoln

This post brought to you from Posterous! Cross posting works then, I see… Right, let me elaborate slightly from the posting on my portfolio. Linking Lincoln is a project I’ve been working on for some time now which I am so glad I can finally put out and show to you all! I designed and developed the layout in WordPress, taking influence from a logo created by Optima Design to promote devbelopment in the City. The site takes its primary colour scheme from this logo and was intended to feel more like an information website than a blog, hence the … Continue reading Linking Lincoln