Hi all! Long time since I last updated but, hey ho! Time to focus on a project I completed a while ago but only launched last week.

The Heritage Connect website
The Heritage Connect website

Heritage Connect is a web tool which allows users to explore the various character areas of Lincoln, discovering information on monuments, history, structure and sports a number of whizzy interactive features such as commenting, user generated image galleries, videos and audio files.

It’s incredibly comprehensive and all of the data was put together by the City Council Heritage team with A Recipe for Success developing the framework. The project was supported by English Heritage and the Heritage Lottery Fund.

My involvement was in as a technical advisor, looking at the usage of various API’s such as Google maps and YouTube to help us embed the interactive content as easily as possible, and as the primary designer, making the pretties including the site layout (both of them – more on that in a mo) and the various icons used throughout the site.

One of the super nifty things about Heritage Connect is that it also comes in a portable format. When accessed from a smartphone (iPhone, Android etc) the site takes on a more compact appearance and actually uses GPS positioning to direct the user straight to their nearest character areas. Cool for tourists on the move!

All in all I’m very proud to have been involved in Heritage Connect. I think it’s a tool that many people will get enjoyment from, whether they want to delve deep into the rich information or simply get a better idea of their surroundings.