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I’ve been working primarily as a web focussed Software Developer since 2003, building my skill set across a variety of disciplines in both public and private sector.

I am well versed in PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and SQL, using a variety of different IDE’s and development workflows.

Since 2007 I’ve been practicing WordPress development and spent several years as a freelancer specialising in WordPress implementations, as well as leveraging the CMS into a number of professional projects for main employers, working with the API to build custom plugins to drive data analysis and portfolio systems.

Recently I’ve been working a lot more with JavaScript and JQuery, experimenting with different plugins and building my own scripts to complement the HTML and CSS work I’ve been doing, as well as exploring experimental apps powered by Node.js.

I have also had experience working in Microsoft development environments, using C# in .net and MS SQL Server.

Having led on a number of projects while both permanently emplyed and as a self employed contractor, I have a strong understanding of the importance of deadlines, milestones and good timekeeping.

Where possible I try to blog about my work and a complete archive of posts on this site can be found in the Work category here.

During my time at the University of Lincoln I was also involved in several academic projects which have resulted in published or presented papers. An archive of these papers can be found on The Lincoln Repository.

My time as Research Information Services Developer at the University also helped build an understanding of the academic research process and the challenges facing researchers and the teams that support them, as well as the tools that can help them overcome these challenges.

Selected Projects

Research Bridge

Due to changing requirements at the University of Lincoln, this project was never launched beyond a fully functional prototype, however it provided a solid foundation for future projects at the University. The protoype was also used successfully for a number of internal reporting exercises and was presented at several national and international conferences. My presentation from the 2am Conference in Amsterdam on 8th October 2015 can be found here as well as on The Lincoln Repository.

University of Lincoln Library (

Working with service providers at Capita Systems, the standard University Theme was applied to their standard Prism platform and integrated with information pages and widgets generated by the third party Springshare services. This was a particularly challenging project as Prism is a very fixed system with its own standards, html structure and no admin system for managing content; many concessions had to be made towards standards, but the service was delivered to positive feedback from students and continues to be developed for emerging requirements. A version of this site was also developed to run off touchscreen terminals in the library building.

University of Lincoln Social Science ePortfolio

Initially a freelance project, this work has been integrated into my role at the University. The ePortfolio project was built around WordPress using a custom theme and plugin, as well as a number of third party plugins. I wrote a blog post about it here and presented it at a number of conferences during 2015 and 2016, the presentations for which can be found on the Lincoln Repository.

I’m A Scientist ( and I’m An Engineer (

While working on a freelance basis at Gallomanor, I worked extensively on these two projects contributing code and plugins to the ongoing work, including providing some tweaks to existing brandings.

Assorted Professional Work

Please find below a selection of sites I have previously built. Where the site in question has been changed or redesigned, a Web Archive link has been provided.

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