The 2015 Entertainment Log

Taking inspiration from an idea by director Steven Soderbergh, I’ve decided to try and log my entertainment consumption for the next 12 months. Rather than a straight up list I’ve made a spreadsheet which I’m hosting on Google Drive here, because everyone likes a spreadsheet (right?) On this I will be logging films watched, books read, videogames played, shows attended and a bunch of other stuff. I like to think it’s pretty self explanatory and I think it’ll be interesting to try and analyse the data in some way this time next year. The only thing I’m uncertain about is … Continue reading The 2015 Entertainment Log

IFTTT – a little test

Hello! I’ll keep it brief, following a recent Dave Briggs post about IFTTT (If This, Then That) I thought I’d give it a go to try and automate my life and keep my Facebook account going with the least possible fuss. I find it quite hard to remember to actually GO to Facebook and do things there so per haps IFTTT will allow me to feed specific parts of my digital life into this weirdly essential hub (that I don’t really like in a way but, a lot of people I know are there, so… meh…) ANYWAY! I hope this … Continue reading IFTTT – a little test

A touching revolution…

Windows 8 is coming and its primary focus is touchscreen devices. This is raising the ire of many people who see it as a dilution of the desktop operating system, however I think that Microsoft are onto the right idea, marrying touch interface with common tasks. I don’t think they’re going about it the right way. The desktop is as it is – a complex system for production which should stay pretty much unchanged. It serves its purpose, for better or worse, and is flexible enough for most jobs. But the iPad has shown that people don’t always want a … Continue reading A touching revolution…

Record MIDI to iPad

If anyone follows me on Twitter you’ll notice that I play an awful lot of XBox games but one in particular will crop up more often than not – Rock Band 3. I’m mad for it. I fell in love with Guitar Hero back on the PlayStation 2, but Rock Band takes the idea of pushing little buttons in time with music and evolves it beyond a simple game. The controllers for the thirdĀ iterationĀ of this series range from the usual simple coloured button layouts to more complex “real” instruments. These are in the form of a simple two octave keyboard … Continue reading Record MIDI to iPad