Taking inspiration from an idea by director Steven Soderbergh, I’ve decided to try and log my entertainment consumption for the next 12 months. Rather than a straight up list I’ve made a spreadsheet which I’m hosting on Google Drive here, because everyone likes a spreadsheet (right?)

On this I will be logging films watched, books read, videogames played, shows attended and a bunch of other stuff. I like to think it’s pretty self explanatory and I think it’ll be interesting to try and analyse the data in some way this time next year.

The only thing I’m uncertain about is how to log my videogame consumption. Should I put down play sessions, quantifying when I complete a game, or should I only put down game completions. I’m only logging books that I have fully read, not every reading session, so if I apply the former to games should I do the same for books? And if I apply the latter, how do I quantify games like Smash Bros and Mario Kart where there is no real end to the game?

Chime in below if you have any thoughts!