Hello all! I’m trying to get into a habit of keeping this site up to date with, at the very least, my goings on elsewhere on the internet. So, to kick things off I’ve added a brief page about my filmmaking antics (check the top menu) and thought I’d give you a quick update on how things are going regarding our filmmaking at Shortorme Productions.

2015 has had its ups and downs. We finished a short called Rot earlier in the year – you can see a trailer for that on the Shortorme website. More on where you can see Rot later in the year. We’re also planning to release last years short, All Good Things online later this year, so keep an eye out for that. Finally, we’re in pre-production on our next short, a comedy drama which we’re due to start filming after many, many delays this weekend. It’s a medium length film with a small cast and we’re really looking forward to putting this together.

I’m planning on starting film reviews again. I did start writing them at a separate blog called The Flicks, but my quest to review every film I watch fell foul to that unbeatable enemy, time. So, now I’ve got my Entertainment Log to keep track of all the films I’m watching (still updating that, by the way!) I’m going to start writing reviews for specific films I want to recommend and post them on this site. It’ll likely follow the format of the album retrospectives I’ve been writing on and off, so keep a look out for those.