As you may have guessed, I’m trying to bring a semblance of organisation to the blog. I’m hoping to have it as a one stop shop for all my online antics, a portfolio if you will. Primarily I’m going to try and capture web related projects as and when they happen – I’ve recently tried to reassess some of the work I’ve previously done only to find that the sites themselves have, in the years, taken on drastically new looks or vanished entirely.

Anyway, I digress; part of this is also to draw all my non-website related work into one place. You’ll see sub-pages on the top menu which will take you to different facets of the “stuff wot I do”, like films, writing, music etc. As I’m writing these I’m also going to be writing posts like this one (and this one) to bring you lot up to speed on just what the hey I’ve been doing for the last few years of general non website writeyness.

So, writing! I’ve been doing a fair bit, mainly screenplays for our various short film productions. I’ve also been penning a few feature film screenplays that I’m hoping to do something with in the future, either at Shortorme or elsewhere. There’s also a number of short stories in the personal archives that I’m currently working on either completing, polishing up, or both. More on those soon.

From the article side of things I’m both drawing in and pushing out. I once had an idea that I could have separate sites to publish my own reviews of things like films and games (The Flicks is still here if you want to read my film reviews from a few years back) but I’m now pulling those in to this site, as evidenced in the couple of retrospective album reviews you’ll find. I’m also pushing out and starting to lend my words to other sites, namely The Next Gen Gaming blog (you can see the stuff I’ve written for them here) where my last review for the game Broken Age (pictured) went live a few weeks back.

I’m trying to find more time for writing. I do love it and certainly working for NGB has given me a focus for my words, rather than chaotic ramblings. I’m going to try and schedule more time to work on stuff so, as always, watch this space. No. This one. Yes. That one there. Watch it. Keep watching…

You stopped watching, didn’t you?