At the risk of sounding somewhat melodramatic, 2014 was not the best of years. That’s not to say it was a real stinker, but there was an overwhelming sense of gloom in the media, much of it surrounding areas that I have a strong interest in, coupled with me trying to find my feet in a new job as well as a number of other things bubbling up personally. This led to a sense of ambivalence and lack of achievement which, after a strong 2013 deflated me a bit. I’ve been struggling to write, finding it difficult to put into words my personal and professional achievements. I also feel like I’ve perhaps been spreading myself a bit thin with what I’m trying to achieve, leaping between film, music, writing and work with sometimes senseless abandon and not really driving anything forwards.

So, with that in mind, here are a few bullet points for 2015 that I’m hoping to hit:

  • Write more – I feel like a bit of a broken record as I think I say this every January, but I’m really hoping to keep the writing momentum going this year. That’s not just for posts here, but for my work with ShortOrme Productions, trying to focus on writing some compelling scripts both short and feature length. I also have a number of unfinished short stories that I’d like to see polished off.
  • Talk more – Not being freelance this past year, I feel a bit out of touch with a community that I once enjoyed being a part of. I’ve got a couple of projects that launched in 2014 that I think I’ll be discussing over the next few months which I hope will be of interest to some people, and I also hope to be getting involved in other projects to start energizing my thought processes again.
  • Talk elsewhere – I’ve started doing this. Towards the end of 2014 I had an article published on the Next-Gen Gaming Blog discussing discussing the advancements in cloud computing with relation to video games. I never talked about it here or on Twitter for some reason, but go and have a read. I’m in talks to guest publish on a couple of other sites and I’ll make sure I share those links here.
  • Form wider networks – We’re already doing this at ShortOrme, casting outside of our usual crowd for some of our forthcoming productions, but I want to start exploring other networks for music and professional work.
  • Don’t talk too soon – One of the things that I think I did too much of in 2014 was start to blow the horn on a few projects that never even saw the light of day. We’re still trying to film our short story, Highways and Transportation that’s been in production since 2013, for example. So, this year, I’m not going to talk about anything unless it’s concrete. For film, that’s if the footage has been shot; music, if something’s been recorded; writing, if words are in a document. You get the idea.
  • Plan better – My planning in 2014 led to some missed opportunities and let downs. I’m not going to let that happen this year (to the best of my abilities!) and that should hopefully lead to less stress and headache and allow me to balance everything out.

I think, the overall idea is to make 2015 a compelling and potentially game-changing year. I want to be able to create and contribute to some content that will develop me both personally and professionally. I want to be able to share that and feel proud about it and, most of all, I want to be able to up the ante in a number of different areas.

Let’s revisit this post this time next year and see how well we did! For now, keep your eyes on the site!