Time for a change up, folks. Seven months without an update is pretty poor going but, well, I’ve not really felt the urge to speak to be honest. I’ve had a funny old year – I’ve been hugely productive on a number of projects, both work and hobbies; I’ve posted about my films over at Short Cut Films and my music at Stage of History. But for some reason I’ve not felt enthused to come here and talk about video games, movies or web development. Moving house, getting my life in order – these things seem to have taken over a bit but, well… I’m back.

2014 is set to bring about some big changes for me both professionally and… not so professionally. First up – I’m starting a new job! After two years being self employed, something I’ve loved and enjoyed the hell out of, I’m taking up a two year, full time contract at the University of Lincoln as a Research Systems Developer. Basically it’s going to involve distributed databases, open data libraries – all sorts of fun stuff that I kind of dabbled in when I previously worked at the Uni as a CLOCK developer. That’s coming up in January so I should be talking about that soon.

Filmmaking! I had a brilliant year at Short Cut Films, stretching my legs as a producer and pulling together some nine short films which you can watch on the Short Cut Films website. I’m very proud of the films we’ve produced so far and there’s more to come this year, although we’re going to be changing things up a bit. More about that in the coming weeks as we prep our next one which is sure to be a doozy!

Musics! I’ve been playing around with a lot of things musical this year but I’ve only released a handful of tracks including an EP back in July and a new stand alone track in December. You can check those out on the Stage of History website. I’ve got a few new bits in the pipeline there but I’m adopting a “Talk about it when it’s ready” approach. There may be some different things coming up but I need to be sure I’m happy with them before I unleash them on the world!

So, please stick around – things should get a bit more interesting on here in the next few months as I start to talk about my time at Lincoln Uni, look at setting up a home studio for my music and film making excercises, as well as (hopefully) getting back to randomly rambling about nonsensical stuff that you all probably don’t care about!