3D is the current trend in Hollywood and is gradually seeping into our homes as 3D TV’s become more and more popular.  Nintendo have jumped on this bandwagon with their new portable console, the 3DS. The draw of this update to their popular DS console is the fact that the graphics are displayed in 3D without the need for specialist glasses.

The tech is very clever and, as a user, I’m impressed with how good it is. Another big plus point is the inclusion of a pair of cameras in the back of the device, allowing users to take 3D photos – again, this is surprisingly good, despite being in a very low resolution, and can produce some striking results.

The problem, initially, with this was that there was no way of sharing photos outside of your own personal device. That is, until 3D Porch came along. This allows people to upload 3D images from any source, converts them to red/green versions and also retains the original stereoscopic image. Viewing these on a 3DS console using the built in web browser displays the image in 3D with an option to save it to the device, as well as the ability to upload straight to your on site account.

I’ve set up a page here, which I’m planning on uploading some of my 3D photos to. Making things like this accessible is a good step along the road to making the technology accepted as mainstream. I’m still on the fence about 3D in general but I feel it most definitely works on 3DS and will be interested to see how it develops, especially with the rumored 3D video feature around the corner.