Ah, the tradition that is the GovCamp. Whether UK, Local or Hyperlocal, we all love ’em. They’re melting pots of innovation, discussion, gov-ness, hangovers (you all know who you are!) and, possibly above all, friendship. As I said to Carl Haggerty on Saturday, the biggest thing I’ve ever got out of GovCamps is the people who attend. I wouldn’t be doing what I do know, the way that I do it if it weren’t for that. So, thank you all, for the past, present and future!

Rather than going too in depth with the sessions I attended, here are the Google Docs I wrote up during those sessions. If anyone wants to get in touch with me, shout me up via email (abeeken@gmail.com), in the comments or on Twitter.

(photo by @ashroplad)