Regular readers will know that I frequently attend the GovCamp events across the country, giving up my own time to meet and greet my peers in local gov web, chatting and finding new and exciting ways to innovate and introduce change. I’ve got one or two changes coming myself in the next month (more on that soon) but I was most intrigued when I saw an event happening in Lincoln called #lincolntweetmeet.

So, after signing up, I attended the event last night. Here’s my thoughts.

The Event. Being used to the “unconference” nature of the GovCamps, the more structured presentation approach here was different for me. The event itself was more of a meet and greet with a few helpful presentations for the attendees – I felt these were pitched either at SocMed newbies or businesses but Emily Leary‘s case study on BT’s use of WordPress was rather fascinating. Nothing inherently wrong with these; the speakers were all interesting and presented some good points, but it would have been nice to see some more variety, for example the use of Social Media from a social engagement viewpoint. Perhaps this was down to the length of the event (four presentations and mingle time crammed into two hours) so maybe a longer event covering more diverse subjects would be considered in the future.

The Venue. The recently opened The Showroom is a brilliant venue. Nice and airy with plenty of space to move around, I also noticed plenty of conference rooms off the main drag so perhaps this would be ideal for a future Lincoln GovCamp 2 (which I’d still love to hold!)

The Future. There’s already rumbles of continuing the event, possibly every six months. I’d welcome this. I met some good people who are likely to have good ideas surrounding our digital playing field, and I feel that Lincoln is growing in such a way that we can embrace tech in a greater fashion. I’d go again and I’d like to expand the discussion beyond simple good practice and business models. What can we use these tools for? How can we innovate with them? That’s the beauty of social media, I guess – we can have discussions like this outside of these events (I always say I’d not have done ANY of the things I’ve achieved over the last four years if it weren’t for my contacts on Twitter) but the events are always good to cement contacts and widen ones social net.

So, long story short, if you didn’t attend last night try and get to the next one. This should be the start of something pretty cool for Lincoln.

(photo by @CeliaLacy)