I do a lot of stuff with WordPress. It’s a relationship which started nearly two years ago when I decided I could add some value and functionality to our website by creating subsections using WP, theming them up to look like our website and taking advantage of all the things that come with them like commenting, RSS and easy customization.

This has kind of spiralled over those years and, as the platform has developed to become even more nuanced, WordPress is now my CMS of choice. Sure, I’ve wrangled with Drupal and Joomla, but I always come back to WordPress. I thought I’d share the top 5 reasons for this here.

  1. 5 minute install. You want a blog? You got it! Seriously, the single best thing about WP is the speed with which you can have a blog up and running. The whole “5 minute install” thing is not hyperbole – it really does take that long to get things going.
  2. Flexible. It is VERY flexible. From a simple blog, to a larger site, to something even more out there like an ePetition system, WordPress can be molded and manipulated to do pretty much anything.
  3. Child Themes. Child themes were something of an epiphany for me. Where in the past I have found the actual process of coding a theme somewhat laborious, Child Themes take most of the hard work away. Taking the structure and functionality of a given theme as a starting point, Child Themes allow developers (like me!) to rapidly build up their theme over these bones, providing an already sturdy framework.
  4. It’s easy. Yes it is. Adding new code and functions to themes does require a little bit of reading up but once you’ve grasped the basics it is shockingly easy to extrapolate from there.
  5. Buddypress. This is a plugin rather than a native system, but it is incredibly popular and allows developers to easily convert sites into interaction rich social platforms.
So there you have it. There’s many more reasons why WP is wonderful, but these are my top ones. I love working with the framework, so get in touch if you need WordPress support on any projects.