Having worn both developer and designer hats, there’s one key difference between the two roles that becomes apparent – developers are lazy creatures! We rely on pre-existing code libraries, api’s, reusable resources; I know designers do this too, but developers moreso. I’ve started coding websites with reserved widget areas in place of things that I used to hardcode into themes, just so that they can be as flexible as possible.

One of the constant nags I have with sites is the use of icons; I’m a stickler for using as few graphics as possible in the core site theme and icons on buttons and the like tend to push the boundaries of that.

So, I was quite intrigued when I found out (just now) about using fonts as icons: http://css-tricks.com/examples/IconFont/. I’ve started dabbling with custom web fonts, specifically from the open source Google Web Fonts library, with some very interesting results. A simple change to a non-standard font can make a site pop and, from a designers point of view, can allow them more flexibility outside of the existing “safe” font library.

So, basically wingdings for web, but customisable and with all the font related CSS3 goodness that comes in tow, I’m really interested in playing with Icon Fonts. I’ve even found what looks to be quite a cost effective resource! http://keyamoon.com/icomoon/#toHome