One of the most common things I’m increasingly finding I have to include in websites is some sort of featured content slider. I’ve used a javascript library to add in fading content before, as well as the built in slider on the Linen theme for WordPress.

However, I thought I’d have a crack at writing my own. As I’m going to be getting into more App based development with the CLOCK project, I thought I’d take a look at some of the libraries out there to help developers rapidly build nice shiny UI’s. One of the ones that caught my attention was Scriptaculous. It’s built on the Prototype library and allows you to easily drop whizzy effects into your Javascript controllers.

Now I could sit and work through tutorials, which I kind of did, but as I realised I was grasping the theory behind this quite quickly I thought it would be best to have a go at actually building something using this. The result is a Javascript class which you can call to include a scrolling area into your web page.

I appreciate there’s other ways of doing this, using JQuery for example, and I’ll be dabbling with different versions down the line, but if you want to see the class as it stands you can grab it here, from my GitHub. There’s instructions on how to use it, as well as an example page so that you can see it in action. Don’t forget to grab the Scriptaculous libraries or it won’t work! Please feel free to comment constructively and let me know if you use it for anything!