GitHub for Windows is AWESOME!

Okay, so I’m a web developer first and foremost (it’s what pays the bills) and recently I’ve been getting a bit into version control. I tend to use Subversion and GitHub for repositories in work, with GitHub providing my personal repository. Basically I use my paid GitHub account as an emergency backup for all my WordPress client work, you know, just in case! For anyone who doesn’t know, GitHub provides online storage for programming type work that you can write changes to once they’re made. You can do other stuff as well but it’s basic use is as a backup … Continue reading GitHub for Windows is AWESOME!

Working with dispersed open data [CLOCK]

Okay, keeping it brief here – I’ve added a post to the CLOCK blog at Lincoln Uni. For those who don’t keep up with my posts here, I’m currently working on this project until the end of July. Go have a read up of the progress we’ve been making with regards building linked data apps and feel free to comment! Read Working with dispersed open data on the CLOCK blog. Continue reading Working with dispersed open data [CLOCK]