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Socitm - the Society of Information Technology Management
Socitm - the Society of Information Technology Management

Time to big up some achievements! The City of Lincoln Council website has been named as one of the top 20 Council websites in yesterday’s Socitm Better Connected report.

Better Connected is a document which benchmarks and ranks local authority websites across the country. Lincoln has moved from being an S ranked website (lowest possible) to a T rank, just shy of the top E rank (which is Excellent).

This is a fantastic achievement for all involved, as well as our developers, A Recipe for Success. I’m aiming to push forwards this year to improve things even further, trying to get that elusive E rating in 2010!



  1. I was just reading through my recently received copy of the socitm report, p44 Leicester City and went to your site to look at your map application.

    My questions are to do with the ‘find my nearest’ function. 1. Is it useful, or is it just a ‘toy’ we provide because someone somewhere expects us to provide it 2. Who expects us to provide it and with what supporting rationale (roughly the same as question 1.) 3. We are a district council, Purbeck, and so do not have responsibility for education etc. How inclusive does our mapping facility need to be…what services/features must be included? Find my nearest…anything?

    I’d be intrested in discussing such issues on the forum if Andrew would start an appropriate thread.

    • Hi there! Sorry for the delay in replying, WordPress wasn’t behaving as I thought I’d set it up to.

      Our database search is actually a project I’m working on with Lincolnshire County Council and, at present, I don’t have a lot of control over what goes on there. I think it certainly adds value; from my erxperience with speaking to people via email and the phone, and from talking to customer services, members of the public look to us a source of local information and, to some extent, expect us to provide at least rudimentary data.

      I think the information you need to focus on should be whatever you feel is key to your service delivery – maybe take it to a county level and involve your County Council, cross working with the other districts. In Lincolnshire we have a web development working group set up and we’re investigating a number of different projects; it certainly helps when you can split the budget and it means that you’re all working off the same songsheet.

      I’d love to take this into the forums – did you mean PSF?

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