I’ve posted this on the Public Sector forums but I thought I’d pop it here, in a more public area. If you are a local gov type who reads my blog, or if this is of interest to you, please add a comment but also link back so that we can get this idea out to as wide an audience as possible – thanks!

This afternoon I’ve been bandying an idea around with some of my Twitter contacts about how to easily get local authority information mapped on a country wide scale. I think I may have come up with a solution; set up a Local Authority Mapping Collective who can identify relevant information (the example that kicked this off was the location of polling stations), set up a map on Google Maps and then invite other local authority types to add their info on.

Set up a simple network to handle the organisation of all these peeps (using ning or grou.ps) and to keep those involved of the maps currently being compiled, advertise this through relevant channels and this could easily be used to piece together some very useful geocoded data sets.

Off the back of this, the possibilities for the data itself are interesting; embedding localised versions of the information into websites as well as the ability to mash up any collected data into other projects. A big benefit is, of course, making this data massively publically available.

What does anyone think to this proposal? Is it something that people would be interested in contributing to?