It’s been a little while since I last posted, primarily because I’ve been beavering away on a number of projects for the City of Lincoln Council. Just launched today is our long awaited bin calendar search engine. I don’t claim full ownership of this project as two of my colleagues have been working hard for quite some time to standardise the way this information is stored so that we can form a search round it.

We were investigating a number of solutions from integration into MyLincolnshire to a bespoke search form. In the end I stepped in and developed a front end using our Achieve Forms package. This is an important project, not only because it has been so long in the running and is a benefit to the users of our website, but also because it is a great proof of concept for using Achieve Forms to perform database searches. I’m hoping off the back of this that we can use the theory to expose more public data this way, developing some decent online solutions for the end user.

As a small aside, I’d also like to apologise to the people who’s comments were sitting in my pending queue; I had thought that I’d set comments to automatically approve, however aparently this was not the case! All should be well going forwards, however…