The third session of the day was a good discussion about Open Source software, however I won’t be blogging about that as I didn’t really take notes; too much interesting discussions going on.

The fourth session, however, was a nicely heated discussion on how the take up of social media and how it is potentially excluding certain areas of the community. For my part I threw in the arguement of whether the councils implementing these technologies should be educating in their use. I’ve tried to list the general points of discussion below.

  • Some people probably don’t use these services out of choice, not awareness; how much use would education be to them?
  • If the council goes out educating, would it be seen as somehow forcing these solutions on the community?
  • Not education, awareness.
  • How do we address the digital divide? Non-spot areas?
  • Councils should probably identify digital enablers in the community to spread the word.
  • How much should concillors themselves be leading on this?

Not a huge amount of points but there was some good discussion on the back of this and id certainly changed my views on the subject.