Presentation – Online Engagement

I’ve just returned home from a members workshop on the duty to involve. I was actually presenting there, giving my piece on why councillors should be looking at using online tools to engage, blogging, social networking and the like. This was my first presentation of this ilk and I’ve got to do it again soon to another group; I’d ask you to be nice, but I’m really looking for some constructive feedback on any changes I might want to make, anything I’ve missed.

The results of the presentation were generally positive with a number of councillors looking to take things forwards. Hopefully we’ll be able to announce some councillor blogs soon on the City of Lincoln Council site!



  1. Seems to have covered everything. One point I would make is that it’s surprising how much you can take a ‘build it and they will come’ attitude.

    Yes, you need to advertise a blog or your presence on a network, but if you are writing about topical local issues Google will still drive a good-ish chunk of traffic your way – some of which becomes regular traffic from people who want t0 follow local issues.

  2. It’s not clear on the presentation but I did actually mention that. That was a key thing for some of them as they saw it as extra marketing however I managed to convince them that it’s just something they need to factor into their everyday correspondence as a new, different means of contact.

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