Lincoln Christmas Market and Screengrab!

Two topics in this post, one which I should have blogged about a month ago but somehow totally forgot to!

Lincoln Christmas Market Website
Lincoln Christmas Market Website

I’m particularly pleased with the Lincoln Christmas Market website. Launched mid July 2009, it’s self hosted on a WordPress MU install. The idea behind it is to provide a platform to easily release information about the market as it becomes available, be very customisable for the City Council and also promote discussion and involvement. There are plans to use it to liveblog the actual market, posting pictures and video as they are taken. Hopefully I’ll post up about this when it happens as I should be involved!

I’d also like to point out that the pic in this post was taken using the Screengrab! plugin for FireFox. This is a doody little plugin that, with a single click, can take a grab of the current view of any web page, the whole page or a selected portion of the page. This saves you having to trim any unwanted junk out or stitch together a screenshot in Photoshop. Very cool and a real timesaver!


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