The Think Tank in Lincoln - host to LocalGovCamp
The Think Tank in Lincoln - host to LocalGovCamp

The LocalGovCamp in Lincoln last friday was an awesome day made even more awesome by the top people that we had attending. There was a palpable level of entusiasm and excitement in the Think Tank that really came out in the quality of the sessions and the level of discussion. There was emotion (@davebriggs and @ShoeButt are now required to have a make up hug) and above all everyone was open to sharing their views and opinions (because, let’s be honest, we’d all be boring if we thought the same way) on a number of subjects ranging from mapping and e-petitioning to social media usage and hyperlocal communication.

Personally I was massively pleased with the turnout (although there were some notable exceptions who I hope to see at future events), the location at the Think Tank, the quality of the catering and the fact that everyone went away with new ideas and contacts.

The stylish unagenda chart, filled with pretty post-its for the sessions
The stylish unagenda chart, filled with pretty post-it's for the sessions

 @Liz_Azyan asked me (as did a number of other people) what I thought the purpose of LocalGovCamp is. I think that, at its most basic level, it is an opportunity for likeminded people working in or with an interest in the public sector, whether they are web professionals, comms guys, councillors, contractors – to get together, share ideas and keep up to speed with the ideas and developments of their peers. It is so important that we endeavour to work together and share our findings; we’re not in a competetive industry and we should all be ensuring that we’re on a level playing field. This kind of thing also breeds creativity, allowing us to look at the technology available, take what others are doing with it and put our own slant on things. And the current technology gives us the power to do this.

But then, if you’re reading this, you most likely don’t need me to tell you that! 😉

A big thanks, once again, to all attendees; friends and long distance colleagues all. There wasn’t a pledge wall at the camp but let’s all take away ideas and try and make a difference. See you at the next camp!

P.S. I’ve got some notes from the sessions I attended that I plan on writing up over the next few days so keep them peepers peeled. I’ll also be aggregating all the information to flow from the event on the LGCLincoln blog so go sign up for the RSS there if you haven’t already…

(photo credits to @iamadonut)