Perusing the Blu-Ray’s in the HMV sale last week I picked up a copy of Troy: Directors Cut for £8. Nice.

So, me and the Mrs sat down the other night to watch it and enjoyed it a ton (review coming up). It got us talking, though. We like our historical epics, swords and sandals and the like. Should we maybe watch a whole bunch of historical epics? I took this concept further and suggested that we should maybe try and watch them in chronological order, taking us through different eras and across multiple civilizations.

So, the quest is now on to find a whole batch of historical epics to watch. Dan Slee requested on Twitter that I review each one (with a mark out of 1,000; a suitably epic score) which I shall duly do.

The slate for viewing so far stands at:

  • Troy (already watched)
  • Gladiator (already watched)
  • 13th Warrior
  • Kingdom of Heaven
  • Braveheart
  • A Knights Tale

From what we can tell, the chronology is sound. We’re looking for some films to follow these so any suggestions would be great! Keep your eyes open for the first reviews of Troy and Gladiator which will be coming in the next few days…