Okay, so I’m currently looking at ways (for various reasons) of allowing people who I don’t necessarily know to be able to get in touch with me. I have a number of websites which all serve slightly different purposes but with the ultimate goal of showcasing my work. I’m always happy to talk about my work with people, share my thoughts and discuss relevant issues. So how do I let people get hold of me?

Well there’s my blog, people can comment on there. I’m readily available on Twitter and LinkedIn and people can contact me through the City of Lincoln Council Website.

But what about people who stumble across me, don’t do Twitter or LinkedIn and want to contact me on a more personal basis outside of my work at the City Council? Short of publishing my email address online (which I won’t do on my public site) how can I drive confidential enquiries?

Well, my good friend Google has the answer; using Google Forms. I threw together a very simple contact form which you can find here. This form feeds details of the enquiry into a private spreadsheet. I’ve then got the RSS feed from the spreadsheet pointed at my Google Reader; every time a contact comes in, I can see it there and respond accordingly. I can also edit the original spreadsheet to make notes against each contact and get the original queries back. Obviously anything after there will be taken into email for smoother contact but for a “first contact” solution I think that this is both straightforward and elegant!

So, if you want to get hold of me, head over to that there form and pop in your details!