Living in a mid-sized 3 bedroom house, I don’t have an office. I used to have a corner of the living room which was home to a desktop PC but that has recently been gotten rid of in favour of a “chill out corner” with bookshelves and easy chair.

As someone who works primarily from home, this presents me with a bit of a quandry – where do I work? When I made the move to 100% freelance I invested in a rather meaty Dell laptop with this in mind – I thought I could try various different working spots to see what suited me best.

So, I’ve been effectively hotdesking around the house. I started at the kitchen table which, as Winter set in, became too cold on the tiled floor. So I moved to the living room and, using my wife’s folding craft desk, set up shop in the armchair. Initially this was quite comfy with cushions piled behind me but just before Christmas I started getting a spot of backache no doubt associated with this set up.

Working in the chill out corner
Working in the chill out corner

Recently I’ve put the craft desk in the chill out corner, using a dining chair to sit at (plans on getting a folding office chair are likely to be realised during an Ikea trip at the weekend). So far this seems the best set up, giving me the warmth of the living room with the comfort of a high chair/desk setup.

I’m wondering if any other freelancers are in the same boat – no fixed office to work in. Where do you prefer to set up?