Well, here we are; mere months after starting down the path of being a freelance developer (although I prefer “Gun For Hire”) and another big change comes into my life! I cryptically hinted about big news on Twitter last week and got suggestions of it being game related, or having another child (NO). The truth is probably a bit more mundane but, nontheless (as far as I’m concerned) exciting – as of next Wednesday I will be starting a part time, two day a week job at Lincoln University. The role will be one of two developers for their CLOCK project (Cambridge-Lincoln Open Catalogue Knowledgebase – find out more here: http://www.jisc.ac.uk/whatwedo/programmes/di_informationandlibraries/resourcediscovery/clock.aspx) and will revolve around researching and developing applications to make best use of open library data. The project is only til the end of July but I’m really looking forward to it as I feel this kind of project is the missing link in my current workload! I’ll also be getting to work with some top bods that I follow on Twitter which is a bonus!

I’ll share more info as and when I can!