So here’s a first for me. I’ve decided to publish one of my custom WordPress plugins to my GitHub account for everyone to download and have a play with. This is a spin off from the ePortfolio project that I spoke about here and is the first steps in actually taking the portfolio system I developed for the University of Lincoln Social Science school and turning it into a platform that can be used in multiple scenarios. You can grab the plugin here.

This plugin is called Custom Field Editor which doesn’t really, in hindsight, explain what it does. It allows forms to be embedded on WordPress pages which can be used to effectively manage page content. This could be anything from text to wysiwyg editors, to providing radio buttons and tickboxes. The data entered into the form is saved to the custom page meta and is retrieved whenever the page is loaded. To that end, it is only made editable to logged in users and can further be restricted to user type. The Portfolio system uses it to provide an in-page pro-forma, but you could possibly use it to allow users to edit page content from the front end.

If you use or fork this or want to talk about it further in any way, drop me a comment here or on GitHub 🙂