So this is a thing I’ve decided to do.

In what is surely a very cliche fashion I’ll come out and say – I’m overweight and remarkably unfit. This isn’t a good thing. Last year I managed to shed a good amount of weight which I’ve since put back on. The problem is, I like to eat, and I’m not committed enough to go to the gym on a regular basis (like I say – such a cliche) so what to do?

Well, I can probably sort out the food issue by finding delicious, healthy alternatives, cutting back on the beer and the like, but the exercise is definitely still an issue. So, on the advice of some folks, I’ve decided that a good walk is probably going to sort me right out. I’m going to be regularly trying to take myself off and walk a decent amount every weekend and Monday, Wednesday and Friday lunchtimes while at work.

To spice this up I’ve decided to do what I call “photowalking” (tm me, y’all ain’t stealing that…) Basically I’m going to be using the opportunity to take in my surroundings, snap random photos of things like I used to and chuck them to my newly reborn Flickr account which has lay dormant since 2012. I did one today, walking a good 2 and a half miles round the fields near my home, taking photos on my Pixel 2 XL. I’ve given these pics a little spit and polish in Snapseed on the same phone and put them into a Flickr album  which you can check out below.

Hopefully this will not only help sort out the old weight issue in the long term, but also get me out of the house and office, exploring my locality and making the most of the photography tools I’ve got at my disposal on my devices. My Flickr page is here, so if you’re on that site give me a follow!