Hello, it’s been (looks at blog posts) three months since my last coding related post. Huh. Well, I hope you liked my videogame and movie reviews (more about the latter coming soon!) but it’s time to get down and codey again, albeit briefly.

So, I’ve talked in the past about how I’ve been using Devilbox as my go-to localhost environment and how I’ve discovered one or two foibles in it that have meant me changing up the way I create and manage my projects. Here’s another!

It’s been a while since I last installed a WordPress multisite, mainly because I don’t really work in multisite any more, but a recent requirement to change a legacy project required me hacing to set up an environment to be able to recreate that work. I went through all the motions of installing WordPress and getting it into multisite mode, created a child site in the admin and… oh dear. I was met with broken CSS and a non functioning admin for the new site.

Given my previous experience with Symfony I was 99% sure this was a Devilbox thing and set about trying to figure it all out. Thankfully I didn’t really have to as I found a thread on the Devilbox support forum discussing the issue and providing a solution.

Long story short, y’all need to switch up to Apache as your server rather than Nginx. There’s instructions on how to do this here and, after tweaking my Devilbox env and bringing the container back up everything works a charm.

So this post is more here as a reminder for myself and a note for anyone out there who is having the same issue and stumbles across it. One thing I’ve not tested yet is if any of my other projects still work following the switch to Apache, but time will tell on that one!