Okay, so the focus of this here blog has shifted ONCE AGAIN! I have to say I was humming and ahhing about the logic of putting my CV on it and, with a desire to blog more about my technical achievements and projects, I have turned it into a tech blog.

As with everything I’m hoping to get some kind of interest here and will be using this space to detail what I’m working on, what my findings are and any knowlege I may have picked up on the way.

Stuff I’m currently tinkering with includes: Mashups and feeds using Yahoo! Pipes, analysis of website metrics through Google analytics, the quest for a decent, branded, accessible YouTube player, re-syndication of feeds through FeedBurner and the creation of Media RSS and it’s uses.

I’ve also got a couple of WebApp type projects in the potential pipeline and I’m hoping to be playing with some other tech and social networking tools to look at their practical application .

As I’m currently working for the City of Lincoln Council a lot of this research is based on the application of these technologies in the Public sector and the potential benefits and pitfalls that they may bring.

If you stumble on me, please register to the RSS. If you know me, shout me out in the comments. I’m certainly now more pro-active in my tinkerings and development and I should (with any luck) keep things up-to-date here.