It’s been a good few years since I have done anything with PHP and, not having my old machine with Apache / MySQL set up any more, I have not had a lot of impetus to revisit this language.

A recent discovery, however, of the WAMP server ( application has rekindled my desire to play with what was always my favourite programming language. WAMP is an incredibly easy way to set up the Windows / Apache / MySQL / PHP server environment. Just download and run the executable and everything is done for you. It took me about 3 minutes which is far less time than I remember from the manual set up I used to do. WAMP server also provides a nice system tray icon to control all the processes.

I’m sure Linux users will scoff at the simplicity of this process, but for setting up a new server on a windows environment I don’t think it get’s quicker than this.

Off the back of this I’m planning on testing out a few open source CMS solutions that run on the PHP / MySQL framework, so watch this space.