Wow; another great innovation from Google. As my boss comments frequently “Just you wait til they start charging for this stuff.” The beauty of Google’s development team is that they are not afraid to dabble and think outside of the box.

SearchWiki is no different, combining elements of standard Google searching, social bookmarking and social networking style comments into a creamy Web 2.0 search engine that is light years ahead of the competition.

The ability to promote search results to the top of a search, effectively bookmarking them, add comments for the future and even add in other web pages where they do not appear in searches, suddenly gives Google users unprescedented control over their search results; the fact that this also has an effect (albeit one that needs to be manually viewed rather than automatically affecting your personal search results) on overall results (see what other people have ranked highly and commented on) means that searching is now no longer a one way thing.

Search not turned up what you were hoping for? Don’t get frustrated, see what other people have found and commented on and you might get your answer.

I can also see massive use for this from a research point of view, combined with iGoogle’s search history tool you should never lose that “hot” site again.

Top notch, Google; just keep it free!