Yahoo! Pipes allows for the creation of user defined feeds

Yahoo! Pipes allows for the creation of user defined feeds

I have been working with Yahoo pipes for around a month and a half now and, in the future, I intend to make an in depth post on just how great it is. Quickly, however, I just wanted to comment on how it has helped me solve somewhat of a conundrum. I’d been, for the last couple of days, trying to figure out how I could feed two sepparate RSS channels into Facebook as notes. I had the RSS from this blog going in, however I had removed Twitter from updating my Facebook status seeing as I had some people following me on it. My next challenge was to then get my Tweets into Facebook as notes.

The answer came in the form of this pipe: This is really Pipes in its purest form. It takes in X number of RSS feeds, tags them up using the looped string creator (so that the end result shows the source feed clearly), concatenates the feeds and orders them by their published date. This produces one massive feed which can then be redistributed via any number of channels, in this case Facebook.

The only real issue I can see is that there appears to be a delay in a feed updating, as is apparent by the Tweet I made moments after linking the pipe into my Facebook profile which has yet to show up on either the Pipe itself or Facebook.

I you’re interested in Pipes, take a look at the link to see how a basic one is put together. I will be delving into them in more detail soon.