LocalGovCamp – Youth Engagement – How can technology help bring this together?

Stuart Parker and mysef had a great chat with Sarah Nicholson on how she can use technology to bring Youth Engagement together. Here’s the notes on the discussion.

  • Don’t try to push kids into doing what you want; let them do what they want. Promise a return on investment for the kids.
  • At Lincoln we’re working on things with WordPress + Ning to build social areas. Work with
  • Tap into other social media sites to deliver to a ready made audience.
  • Young offenders, social exclusion. Engage people to bring them “back into society”. Blogs + social media are, to some extent, “faceless”; you don’t build up a preconception from simply looking at someone. Removed from politics but good for community.
  • Focus on smaller group of peope who are more interested – the “activists” – and work up from there to include those who may feel digitally excluded. Crossover with digital mentor idea.
  • Video – get a Flip or Cannon handheld. Upload to Youtube or Vimeo. Video commenting.
  • Fickr for photos
  • http://engage.wesharestuff.org – Engage project
  • Build it and then consult rather than spend time consulting before you build.
  • Backing from councillors is a problem – does it fall in line with their policies?


  1. Hey

    Thanks for sharing these notes – really handy 🙂 Was sorry not to be able to make it to this discussion.

    Two spaces which might be useful for Sarah and others exploring youth engagement online is the Youth Work Online (http://www.youthworkonline.org.uk) and Networked Participation online networks of practitioners (http://www.networkedparticipation.co.uk).

    Will certainly be exploring the Engage project blog and info in more detail – looks like a fantastic project 🙂

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