Stuart Parker and mysef had a great chat with Sarah Nicholson on how she can use technology to bring Youth Engagement together. Here’s the notes on the discussion.

  • Don’t try to push kids into doing what you want; let them do what they want. Promise a return on investment for the kids.
  • At Lincoln we’re working on things with WordPress + Ning to build social areas. Work with
  • Tap into other social media sites to deliver to a ready made audience.
  • Young offenders, social exclusion. Engage people to bring them “back into society”. Blogs + social media are, to some extent, “faceless”; you don’t build up a preconception from simply looking at someone. Removed from politics but good for community.
  • Focus on smaller group of peope who are more interested – the “activists” – and work up from there to include those who may feel digitally excluded. Crossover with digital mentor idea.
  • Video – get a Flip or Cannon handheld. Upload to Youtube or Vimeo. Video commenting.
  • Fickr for photos
  • – Engage project
  • Build it and then consult rather than spend time consulting before you build.
  • Backing from councillors is a problem – does it fall in line with their policies?