The last of my UKGC11 posts, this looks at Nicky Getgood‘s session on Online Archives. I went into this session purely as it sounded interesting, not really knowing what to expect.  The session was a really interesting and thought provoking look at how organisations are trying to collect recordings in various media of everyday life through the years. Nicky has done her own writeup here and it covers all the points discussed.

One of the things that interested me about the concept of online archives is, shouldn’t communities be taking pride in their history and maintaining their own public archives online? With the tools available it should be fairly straightforward on a limited or non-existant budget to crowdsource archivable content.

There was a concern over the longevity of services such as Flickr, however I don’t think that should get in the way of communities managing their own online archives using such methods.

My mind is actually working on this and I’ve got plans to try something like this out locally – eyes peeled here for any further developments…