Phone boxI’ve been bunging a load of photos onto my Flickr stream over the last week or so. They form part of a set I’m calling “Through Different Eyes”

Bit of background on this, a few weeks ago I took my eldest (5) son out for a walk around our village and suggested that he take his camera to photograph the local church as he’d been talking about it at school. He ended up pointing his camera at anything and everything that took his interest. When I downloaded the pics of his camera I was surprised at some of the shots he’d taken; looking at the world through his eyes I started to take notice of signs I’d never seen, details on the path and road that I’d never been aware of.

I started thinking that I should try and look at things in this way; just shoot interesting things that I pass every day but probably never notice. I thought about how I could present this and decided to give each of the shots an “instant photo” style using the Toy Camera and Grunge Frame filters in Vignette (great little Android camera app); I find that this can really define the colours in photos and give them an other worldly look.

So, I started shooting. My favourite pics are on Flickr here, and I’m adding ones all the time.