Filming Refuse and Recycling with Jonny Orme and Pete Hawbrook
Filming Refuse and Recycling with Jonny Orme and Pete Hawbrook

November proved to be a very interesting month for me as I finished my first short film (as producer and writer) and worked on a feature film for local production company Quandary (as a sound recorder). Both of them brought very different experiences and have, to some degree, changed my perspective on where I want to take my adventures in film making.

The first project, Refuse and Recycling, I’d written with my good friend Dan sometime last year, with the intention of getting it filmed soon after. That never happened, and, following other disappointments, I decided to re-evaluate my film making desires, turning my attention to writing rather than directing. After meeting local film maker Jonny Orme, we exchanged ideas and decided to work on a project together. That project became Refuse and Recycling and I took on production duties while Jonny directed. For me, this was a great opportunity to watch someone with experience make a film that I’d written. We shot for a day with an extra morning added for pick-up’s and Jonny edited the whole shebang. You can find out more about Refuse and Recycling on the Short Cut Films website. We’re hoping to show it in the new year and we’ll let you know when!

The next project was with local film maker Michael Henry, pulling sound recording duties on his second feature, Narcissist. I worked on that for three days, meeting new people and seeing the creative process that goes into a larger scale production, managing multiple actors and scenes. It was, to be honest, an eye opener as to how smoothly something of that scale can go, and I had an opportunity to look at Michael’s planning methods around this. For more information about Narcissist, you can visit Michael’s site here.

What have I taken away from this experience? A renewed interest in directing, a desire to revisit abandoned projects and fresh contacts. I hope to work more with Jonny and Michael in the future and I hope that 2013 will bring even bigger experiences!