And what kind of fun will you bring?

2012 closed out pretty well. My filmmaking itch was scratched, I’d made an album and had tons of ideas buzzing round in my head. Work was good, life was good.

On to 2013. What are my goals?

Work more with film. Whether this is through paid work or through my hobby, I hope to work more with film. I love the creative process of filming and editing, planning, writing, making something! My goal here is to create at least one short film per month, either by myself or with my collaborators. Whether that gets realised, we shall see!

Take Stage of History further. Stage of History is my lil’ old music project. I kind of left it to stagnate after a positive start, but I’ve been working on some new material and have some ideas on revitalising the Rapture album I released.

Be more organised. I’m terrible at organising my life. This is more of a personal thing. I will make more to-do lists, try and set myself up with a mini-office and “get my shizz together” as it were!

Reconnect. I kind of feel like I’ve fallen out of contact with the old Scooby gang from my local gov days (give or take a few) and I want to correct that. I’m not sure how I will yet, as I always feel a touch out of place at govcamps and the like these days, but if you’ll have me – I’ll try to be there!

And that’s it! Keep coming back here to see if I make good on these goals. Goal number three is particularly a sticking point at which all other goals are likely to unravel but, hey – we’ll see!