2012 was a good year for movies! Here’s the flicks that made my top 5:

  1. The Avengers – No, I will not call it Avengers ASSEMBLE (stupid UK name is stupid)! Joss Whedon’s wonderful superhero flick not only capped off Marvel’s groundbreaking film run started with Iron Man, it set up things for another four years of Marvel Universe films. It was also one of the greatest love letters to the comic book medium I’ve ever seen. I had so much fun I saw it twice at the cinema and a further two times on Blu-Ray! Without a doubt, my film of the year.
  2. Skyfall – Simply incredible. One of the best Bond movies ever. An intelligent, grown up spy thriller which not only turned the rebooted Bond on its head but regrounded it in a more traditional way.
  3. The Amazing Spider-Man – ¬†Controversial? AS-M got a bunch of flak when it released for retreading much the same ground as Sam Raimi’s first Spider-flick. In my opinion this was necessary, as the origin story defines the character of Spider-Man; he’s been played in so many different ways in the comics it was essential for Marc Webb to make his mark. And what a mark! A more grounded, almost simpler story, with a superb soundtrack and some stellar performances.
  4. Prometheus – Controversial AGAIN! Prometheus was a real Marmite of a movie. I do feel slightly biassed as I’m heavily into the Alien mythology (I put Aliens in my top 10 movies of all time – a list I may print one day!) and I also like the ambiguous writing of one my Damon Lindelof. Prometheus was a clever science fiction story which pandered to neither the hardcore Alien fans (apart from a couple of fanservice moments) nor the popcorn cinema goer. It developed and expanded the Alien world in a totally unexpected way and provided a film that is still talked about months after its release, for good or bad. You can find my further views on it here.
  5. Dredd – Yes, I know – another comic book movie! What can I say! But Dredd was brilliant. Maybe it wasn’t 100% similar to the 2000AD classic, but it was a ballsy, adult action sci-fi, violent and uncompromising. A very 80’s style film with modern trimmings. The 3D aspect could have happily gone away (seriously, 3D… just no already) but it didn’t spoil the enjoyment.

I’d also like to mention The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, which was a close contender for number 5. A good film, but I feel it needs another watch to decide whether it’s an excellent film.

Disappointment of the year goes to The Dark Knight Rises. I’ve seen it twice now and, while it’s not a bad film, it certainly doesn’t rate on my “Best” list. It feels far too overblown and, dare I say it, smugly self aware., as if Chris Nolan (an excellent director) wanted to go out of his way to say “This is not a comic book movie – you want that, go see Avengers”. I don’t know what I was expecting; the other two Dark Knight films were similarly serious, especially the somewhat nihilistic second instalment. But TDKR seems to fall flat in comparison.

So, there we are. Yes, they are a little mainstream but, hey! These are the films that got me going this year!

Keep an eye on this blog for my commentary on 2013 in film and, with any luck, my increased personal film output.