It’s time for me to run down some more of my favourite films from 2015!




Out of personal preference I tend to avoid 3D films at the cinema as I don’t particularly find the experience to be optimum, however I will firmly support 3D in the home. Gravity is a prime example of the medium used well to truly give depth to Alfonso Cuaron’s tense Sci-Fi thriller. Despite being set in space there’s a wonderful feeling of claustrophobia and a brisk running time keeps the story moving at a brilliant pace.

Honorable Mention – Ant-Man


In a year when the Avengers assembled once again, I find Marvel’s only standalone movie, Ant-Man to be my favourite superhero flick of the year. A more grounded adventure than its hero studded brother, Paul Rudd excels as loveable rogue Scott Lang who’s skills as a cat burglar are used by mad scientist Hank Pym to ”break into a place and steal some stuff”. Light enough for younger viewers, Ant-Man is a back to basics approach for Marvel and one of their best since the similarly fun Guardian’s of the Galaxy.


The Babadook


One of the most affecting films I watched in 2015, The Babadook is a creepy horror story which hides another, more subtle layer which manages to thoroughly get under your skin and stay with you long after the film has finished. I wrote a review for it here so go read it for more of my thoughts!

Honourable Mention – The Conjuring


Another great chiller which starts to unravel a bit towards the end but is nonetheless an effective horror story. Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga are great as real life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren (famous for their investigations into the Ammityville disturbances) and there are some genuinely creepy moments. There’s a sequel due this year.




In what is possibly a career best performance, Jake Gyllenhaal stars as a sleazy lowlife who opportunistically films the aftermath of horrific accidents and crimes to sell to the morally corrupt owner of a local news network. An exploration of shock culture and those who perpetrate it, Nightcrawler oozes both style and unease. Highly recommended.

Honorable Mention – The Counsellor


Ridley Scotts somewhat divisive thriller has Michael Fassbender’s lawyer dipping his toes into drug trafficking and getting in way over his head. Boasting a great cast and some shocking moments of violence (one particular scene involving a piano wire mechanism is especially brutal) and an incredibly downbeat ending; it’s not perfect but The Counsellor is worth a watch.