So, that whole “I’ll be posting my favourite films list over the course of a few days” thing lasted well, didn’t it? Anyway, here we are with part 2. Personally I blame the review I had to write (and am still writing) for From Software’s brutally hard videogame, Dark Souls 3 which is out next week on PS4, XBox One and PC. It’s kind of consumed me a little. And destroyed me…

Here’s the films!




This Japanese/Indonesian co-production is an incredibly dark thriller revolving around a journalist based in Jakarta who becomes obsessed with a Japanese serial killer after discovering a live stream of one of his murders. As they begin to form a relationship online, the killers narcissism leads him to prey on the journalists uncertainties about his own life and an exploration of the nature of murder and human animalistic tendencies. Brutal, chilling and well worth hunting down.

Honourable Mention – Fury

Portraits of the Fury and her crew

David Ayers is joining the realm of comic book directors this year with his upcoming Suicide Squad movie, but this WWII film about an American tank crew led by Brad Pitt is a brooding and intense piece with some incredibly tense tank battles. Beautifully shot with some stellar performances.




A 1988 horror/fantasy based on the novel Marianne Dreams by Catherine Storr, beautiful and haunting in a very 80’s way enhanced only by its surreal and dreamlike photography. I did a review not long after I’d watched it and you can read that on this very site right here!

Honorable Mention – Afflicted

A scene film AFFLICTED, an eOne Films release. Photo Credit: Norm Li.

A smart twist on the “found footage” genre in which a couple of Americans touring the world find themselves in a horrific situation after one of them contracts a mysterious disease. There’s a great genre twist part way through that I won’t reveal, and the conceit that the two friends are videographers allows the found footage to have a more professional feel than most films of this ilk.


Jurassic World


Jurassic World may be one of my favourite films of 2015. Bombastic and fun with enjoyable moments for dino-fans young and old, you can read my review of it here.

Honorable Mention – Last Passenger


Last Passenger is a tense British indie thriller starring Dougray Scott, filmed on a remarkably low budget. A Hitchcockian premise puts a small group of passengers on a hijacked train desperately trying to reach the driver’s cabin before the vehicle can crash, killing them all. Well worth hunting down, the behind the scenes documentaries included on the disc are a great lesson to would be filmmakers anywhere.