So, in my last post I discussed some of the things I wanted to achieve in 2017 and one of those things was that I wanted to get two more feature screenplay’s finished this year. Considering I was halfway through both of those planned scripts by the end of 2016 that pledge was a bit of a cheat but, hey ho, here we are – I’ve finished “Draft 1” of one of those scripts!

One of the other things I want to do is talk a little bit more about my work in progresses(eses) on here so I’m going to give a little bit of an overview of this particular script without revealing too many details (more on why later)

Perpetrators tells the story of a husband and wife travelling along their own paths of self destruction. Alexander, the husband, is struggling to cope both at work and with the increasingly hostile world around him, and so turns to a mysterious stranger he meets online to help him find a release for these anxieties – by night the pair commit crimes. But the stranger has deeper, more nefarious plans for Alexander. Molly, his wife, is fighting her husbands increasing detachment by detaching herself, sneaking into lectures at the local university. Forming a friendship with a student her fantasy life begins to overtake reality, but it threatened by Alexander’s instability as their two separate paths begin to converge.

The script is very dark and, to be honest, I struggled to write it for quite some time. I’ve mentioned how 2016 was a fairly bleak year all round and I think my desire to push forward with Perpetrators was a form of catharsis for that; I ended up channelling a fair amount of the angst I was feeling towards personal and world events into the story. It’s not a happy one but I do think, in some aspects, it is a rather cautionary tale. There are echoes in the script of the film I made in 2014, All Good Things (I’ve embedded that below) however where that story is one of hope in the face of adversity, Perpetrators is very much about how damaged people can become.

More importantly, for me, I’ve earmarked Perpetrators as a story that we could make at ShortOrme productions, hopefully as our first feature. Despite its darkness it’s a story I really want to tell on film. It’s not particularly commercial, so I’m not convinced I’d have much luck touting it to other production companies, but I’m hopefully going to try setting up a crowdfund to get it made later this year. Watch this space for more information on that!

The other script I’m working on is a comedy, so I’m looking forward to turning my attention back to that and putting together something with a bit more cheer. In the meantime, check out All Good Things below and let me know your thoughts on Perpetrators. Is it a film you’d like to watch? Is it something you might want to be involved in? Give me a shout!