So here’s a slight change of plan; in between polishing off draft 1 of Perpetrators (and contemplating how the hell I’m going to even consider filming it!) I’ve decided to pick up an older script that I’ve been playing with for around five years now. Originally written as a short film called Blank Canvas which was then fleshed out into a feature with some help of my good friend Dan Hawbrook, this particular iteration was entered into a script contest called The Triangle which was being run by Actor, Producer, Director and Writer Noel Clarke over Twitter. Suffice it to say, it didn’t get optioned by his production company, Unstoppable Entertainment (otherwise you’d likely be reading a very different blog to this one!) but it is a story that I’ve been constantly poking and prodding at since.

Now called The Things We Lose, the general structure of the story is pretty much where I want it but I need to trim some of the fat away, drop some dialogue and the odd scene here or there to get to the meat of the tale a lot quicker. Why do this? As I said, it’s a story that I’ve been playing with for years and one that I’m quite fond of. I’m hoping to start entering it into a few more script contests this year to see if it can get some traction.

The script is a horror/drama story focused around a teenage boy who is made to live with his estranged father after his mother is involved in a serious traffic accident. Through his unhappiness he begins to rebel, rejecting his fathers young girlfriend, becoming a target for local thugs and watching the life he knew start to ebb away. A chance discovery in a woodland near his home, however, is about to turn his life upside down as a mysterious and evil force begins targeting him. His only hope of salvation lies in a mysterious stranger.

The Things We Lose is potentially a much more complex production than Perpetrators, but is a story I hold quite dear and would very much like to see on the screen. Hopefully taking the knife to some of the script will help in competitions – I’ll let you know!