One month into a year that looks to be somewhat unpleasant, I’m finding some solace in my continued scriptwriting efforts. But while I’m taking a lot of enjoyment from the sheer act of coming up with new stories to tell I want to push this year to do something positive with them and get them out into the wild for people to read. One part of that is entering them into screenwriting contests and I’m happy to say I’ve made the first push into that by submitting The Things We Lose to the Screenwriting Goldmine contest. This is the first screenwriting contest I’ve entered and I’ll admit that I hovered for quite some time over the submit button before finally sending the script off. I’d like to hope it’s natural to feel a degree of anxiety over whether people genuinely like your work but I hope I’ve done enough to really trim and shape this story into something good. Time will tell!

With The Things We Lose having been released, my focus now goes back to my initial two 2017 projects. While I had plans to get back on with my comedy script, Little Hollywood (more on that soon, promise!) I’ve decided to revisit Perpetrators, the script I’m hoping to kickstart into my first feature film project. I sent the first draft out to a number of friends and have received some constructive feedback that has made me think deeper about the concepts I’m exploring in the story. Off the back of that I’ve started putting together some ideas on how to expand and explore the characters, setting and events even further into something that is becoming even more compelling and relevant to the current world social climate. Watch this space!